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I. Links & Online Organizations
II. Experts & Speakers In North America
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I. Here are websites with resources:

[Site Disclaimer - Please note that the information in this website and blog network is provided as a free service, in good faith and to the best of my knowledge and belief. Accessing this site does not create any form of legal or professional relationship and neither this web site, its host or its contributors or sponsors accept any liability or responsibility for any action taken on the basis of information provided. It is dangerous to rely on generalized information or guidance. You should ALWAYS seek independent professional advice in order that it can be tailored to your own individual circumstances. Links to Web sites are provided as a courtesy and we cannot take responsibility for information on these sites.]

  1. PrivacyRights.org learn about background checks, emails & telephone privacy rights
  2. NELA - lawyers who advocate for employee rights
  3. Database with contacts to lawyers throughout U.S. - FINDLAW
  4. Diigo Database Feel Free to Contact Us About Adding Articles and Research Info to This Database.
  5. 8 Tools You Need to Fight Your Workplace Bully – Civility Partners
  6. Resilience in the Face of Adversity – Positive Psychology News Daily
  7. Wow! Kent State University’s HR offers their staff & managers online training in bullying!
  8. Journalist’s Toolbox on School Bullying >>Awesome Canadian site with tools & resources
  9. CIPD has useful info and resources for UK on all HR topics
  10. PTSD info!
  11. AS@W Great website offering resources and info about developing anti-depressant skills at work
  12. Workplace Bullying Policy adopted by Sioux City Community Schools AR403.5 – is the new policy currently being used…
  13. FREE University level lectures from Glamogoran Business School!
  14. EEOC PowerPoint you can use for an informational Workshop on Workplace Bullying
  15. Great Informational PowerPoint Handout created by Civility Partners LLC
  16. psychologicalharassment.org/This site has tons and tons of information on (just what the name says) Psychological Harassment & ways to prevent it.
  17. Psychological Harassment Information Association
  18. Winning Workplaces – Valuable Resource for Curbing Workplace Harassment
  19. Winning Workplaces research summaries
  20. PsychCentral – Trusted information in mental health and psychology
  21. NY Committee for Occupational Safety and Health (NYCOSH) Loaded with links for prevention & support
  22. The National Workrights Institute resources for whistleblowers, etc. Featured in NPR news story
  23. Workplace Fairness provides educational information about workers rights. Has tons of resources!
  24. eBossWatch They can probably wallpaper their office with ‘cease and desist’ letters but this site goes right out and names names and points fingers. The blog is fascinating! Definitely worth a follow on both Twitter &Facebook.
  25. How To Handle A Workplace Bully – BNET site with FREE resources and advice to make your company bully proof
  26. Great site for up to date legal decisions http://www.waemploymentlawblog.com/blog/employment_discriminaiton/
  27. Workplace Violence Prevention Handbook- created by UC Davis. Note: A woman at UC Davis committed suicide in 2000 blaming stress in the workplace [article]
  28. Great blog with tons of information (out of England) started by TIM FIELD
  29. Free Download With Info & Suggested Policy >>Strategies to Protect Nurses from Bullying
  30. Article with Strategies to Prevent & Stop Workplace Bullying with Policies & legislation
  31. Site with series of Articles and Free Template to set up policy Valerie Cade, author of BULLY FREE AT WORK
  33. Informational resource for employees in Australia >>JobVent is a site that lets you rant or rave about your boss or see if someone else has — be careful what you say!
  34. Here’s another site to speak out about your boss
  35. Leading Researcher, Pamela Lutgen-Sandvik’s home page has a free link to her book on Workplace Bullying and corrective methods.
  36. Chair Yoga (Stress Releaser!)
  37. Mayo Clinic Info On PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Seek counseling immediately if you feel this applies to you.
  38. WebMD Managing and reducing Stress.
  39. Legal Article Presented by Keith Fink
  40. Free Resources for Teachers dealing with Character Education

II. Experts & Speakers In North America

This is one of the most important pages on this site. Although workplace bullying has become a "hot topic" in the past year, deadline constraints limit the amount of time that most reporters dig into this topic. So, they often rely on the same sources over and over limiting the level of discourse necessary for informed discussion on this topic. Feel free to submit your name or those of others that you feel should be included. This database listing is an eternal work in progress and is based on Internet databases and user data. [Note: we're looking for people with integrity that normally fly under the radar.]

Catherine Mattice, M.A
President, Civility Partners, LLC, Your Partner in Building a Positive Workplace
Greater San Diego Area | Management Consulting

Valerie Cade
Author and Founder, Bully Free at Work
Calgary, Canada Area | Management Consulting

Laura Crawshaw, Ph.D., Boss Whisperer®
Founder of The Boss Whispering Institute
Portland, Oregon Area | Professional Training & Coaching

Suzanne V. Benoit
Author consultant & speaker helping leaders & HR profs improve work culture;
strategic EE relations; prevent #ToxicEEs from robbing the workplace of civility
Portland, Maine

Dr. Lisa M. S. Barrow [Canada]
Healthy Workplace Consultant, Professional Speaker ,Author
Buffalo/Niagara, New York Area | Professional Training & Coaching

Erica Pinsky
Respectful Workplace Solutions Expert
Vancouver, Canada Area | Professional Training & Coaching

Kathleen Bartle, MA
Conflict Consultant
Greater Los Angeles Area | Professional Training & Coaching

Melanie Taylor
RN, MSN-ED Writer, Instructer, Speaker
Pensacola, Florida Area | Hospital & Health Care

Rusti-Ann Blanke
RST Training & Consulting - Building Respectful Workplaces
Saskatchewan, Canada | Human Resources

John D. Byrnes
Founder, Center for Aggression Management
Orlando, Florida Area Management Consulting

Gail Pursell Elliott
The Dignity and Respect Lady - Mobbing, Bullying and Harassment Expert, Professional Development, Consultant

Sharon Bar-David
President, Bar-David Consulting Inc.
Toronto, Canada Area | Professional Training & Coaching

Lisa Yankowitz
The Workplace Educator at Informed Workplace/Ntrinsx
Greater St. Louis Area Human Resources

Teresa A Daniel
Dean- Human Resource Leadership Programs at Sullivan University
Louisville, Kentucky Area

Joan Rooney
at U.S. Department of State
Washington D.C. Metro Area Government Relations

Laura A. Barclay (Puchtell)
Civility, Etiquette, Anti-Bullying Expert, and Coauthor of The Power of Civility
Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area

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