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"There are a lot of consultants, therapists, professionals and targets with a point of view and lessons learned to share," says Catherine Mattice, president of the consulting firm Civility Partners, LLC, a consulting firm focused on eradicating bullying and other negative behaviors, "Our Bully Pulpit provides a means for them to be heard and to learn from each other. Bullying can only be eradicated if we all work together."

Our Goal is to Build a "Virtual" Clearinghouse for Information About Workplace Bullying

This is a participatory collaborative forum designed to provide necessary inclusive resources for journalists, legislators, educators, practitioners and victim/targets & their families. We are still in the early stages of building this database so please check back often. Feedback is greatly appreciated and helpful in letting us know the type of information you need. Use the discussion tabs to argue a point or offer support for an idea or posting.

Join In And Help Us Gather Information

Please add Links & Content! It's hard to keep up with all of the research available on this topic so we need your help. Send us an email [OurBullyPulpit@gmail.com ] and we'll make you a member so you can take part in this public educational effort. Here are some tips for what we support and what we discourage:

  • Respect copyrights! They are confusing but do your best. Make sure you cite sources and other people's ideas and work.
  • This is a Public Domain site so don't post something you've put a lot of effort into creating if you don't want to see it used.
  • Don't censure material because you think it might confuse others or work against your cause or service you are selling. That's exactly what we're trying to correct. We need to be able to address critics with balanced and fair arguments.
  • Don't like the balance of information posted here? Join us and add content.
  • No personal advertising and promotion. Again, this is something that we're trying to correct. Feel free to share your scholarly articles etc but be informational about it not just another ad for your book or blog. "Check out my new post" is not an informational comment.

I began filming and studying about workplace bullying back in 2007 and part of that meant I was constantly poring over and amassing a ton of information. Many of the initial collaborators on this Wiki will probably know me and understand why I felt compelled to break down the barriers that were subverting a free flow of ideas and sharing of resources regarding workplace bullying. That need will no doubt set the initial tone of this Wiki. However, my true goal is that others will take over and allow this digital clearing house to evolve as changes are adapted in the work environment. I will never forget the isolation and shame I felt when I was caught in the wake of a bullying boss. So, I am donating my time, expenses and energy to create this open project in the hopes that others can find some comforting information.

Have fun! Knowledge is power!